JoeAlvarez.com is my personal site for my family and friends. Nothing's for sale here, except maybe my talents. (A link to my resume and sites I maintain, have maintained or have developed is in the "my stuff" section.) This site is my place online to have some fun, share a few photos and a little about myself and my family. I may add a blog, but I really don't want to commit myself to generating a lot of content on a regular basis. (Too many sites to visit to spend all of my time working on my own!)

This will evolve over time, but there's no rush. Links will reflect my interests, local sites, and other places I want to keep track of. A special thanks to Trey Ratcliff for the use of his awesome HDR photos. You can see more of his work at www.stuckincustoms.com



This website is dedicated to my beautiful wife and children and to my terrific family. Thanks for all the love!